Carplay - car media player


Carplay is a media player suitable for in-car environment.

Basic features of carplay include playing, deleting and exchanging items
between multiple playlists.

Carplay differs from similar existing solutions in the following:
- Any operation may be performed without display. Output devices like
LCD or EPD may be used, but only for information purpose.
- Minimalistic, configurable set of controls should be used, including
input devices like IR remote control.
- For playing different types of files carplay should use any external
helper player that can be controlled via stdin, for example freeamp.
- Small clean C sources, everyone can tune it for custom environment.

Carplay is initially developed for Linux and should run in other unixes
on i386 and embedded platforms.
Carplay may use common libraries but shouldn't unconditionally require
any GUI library because it don't need display at all.


Currently all controls are at numeric keypad of PC keyboard, so the keypad
with a controller PCB can be cutted and placed down the right hand in car.
Before using player, some playlists and a list of playlists (master list)
should be prepared.
Two operation modes - normal and insert mode, are toggled via Ins key.
Insert mode means that you start listen to secondary playlist
to find some item(s) for inserting in primary list, which you listened to
before pressing Ins.
Insert mode is indicated with CapsLock led if enabled in defines.
In both modes the following controls work:
 - left-right arrows for rewind current song
 - center key for pause-unpause
 - up-down for change song (browse current playlist)
 - pgup-pgdn and home-end for change playlists (browse master list)
Insert mode ends with "/" - add currently playing item of secondary playlist
to primary list, or "*" - add whole secondary playlist, or "Ins" - cancel.
"Del" key in normal mode removes current item from playlist.



Developed on Linux, should run on other unixes (comment LINUX in defines),
but without some features.
Currently required libraries: ncurses.


README		- this doc
Makefile	- makefile
carplay.c	- source


Edit self-explaining defines at the beginning of carplay.c, then type gmake.


Author: Alexander Kulak <>
If you want to co-develop (for example, add IR control) or maintain
this program, write me.


Nov 8 2002 - version 0.0.1

Carplay releases can be downloaded at SourceForge project page

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